invoice template with Perforated paper

I need help to setup an invoice template in access.

1. Header part
2. Charges part. This part can have n number of rows
3. Perforated part for the users to be able to tear and send with their payment.

I need to make sure the Perforated part always prints at the bottom 3" of the paper no matter how many number of rows are there in the charges part. My knowldge of access is very limited so be as detailed as you can. Thanks
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I would use the pagefooter to hold all data formatted for the lower perforated part.
This will limit the detail section, but make sure it's on every form equally sized.

Another option I use is to create a form (no report) with a white background in the size for the printed document.
Now all positioning can be done on the form and the detail rows can be placed in a continuous subform.
By placing a print button that's only visible on the form (one of the properties) the user can first inspect (and even add text when you add a comment field) before printing.

Getting the idea ?

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