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Detection of firewall activity

I have a program which reads the mail and I use Zone Labs
Security and I can stop any activity

exist there a function which exists to detect if activity is to
stop firewall.

thank you
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hm.. I didn't quite understand the question but I will tell you the following:
1) there is no standard way to detect if a firewall is running. However, you can see if a certain process is runing and such can construct a list of the most used firewalls. Another way would be to to see if certain "things" are hooked or not. Since a windows firewall cannot be made in an easy way, but using one of five methods (if my memory serves me correctly) which means that you could (at least in theory) check for teh integrity of the system for all 5 methods and that will give you a better answer for this particular question

2) you cannot find out if a firewall is blocking "something", in a standard way. the best way is to use that "something" and check for the result. but that alone if fails, does not mean that a firewall is blocking it (there can be a lot of other possible causes for the "not working" part, including hardware failure)

3) there is almost absolutly no way of stoping a firewal from blocking a certain thing. the almost is there because:
- you can kill the firewall and unhook it (*very* difficult, if not impossible. requires that point 1 be done in order to know what to kill and what to unhook)
- the firewall utility might expose it's functionality in a pluggable way or an API way and you could just call it's stop function (I have no knoledge of such firewall on the market, but in theory it exists)

bottom line: the firewall is made to protect the system. if there would be an easy way to bypass it, all worms and viruses and rootkits and trojans and etc would use it and then the firewall would be useless, isn't it? :)

best solution for you would be to notify the user at install time to allow the program to do it's job.

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