Crystal reports License error - Event ID 4352

I have a .NET windows service application that uses crystal reports - it fires 10-15 simultaneous jobs for generating crystal reports from a timer.

I have a crystal XI licensed version installed on my desktop with Crystal designer etc. The reports get generated just fine when I run this windows servcie on my machine (nothing new with the 'My Machine' story there)

However, on our development server, I installed the .Net windows application, then installed crystal server runtime using the installation package from Business Objects -crystalReports11_NET_EmbeddedInstall.msi - entered a proper KeyCode (License) and ran the services. Now is when the trouble started.

I am seeing events in the eventlog from Crystal Reports with Event ID 4352 – “A Crystal Reports job was delayed ‘n’ seconds waiting for a free license to become available.  More licenses can be purchased direct from Business Objects or through the Business Objects Online Store.”

This message shows up repeatedly on the server – but not once when I run the application on my desktop,

With a server license can I process only 1 report at a time??? Or is it something that I am missing in my server installation?
Any help greatly appreciated
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Then the only option is to call Crystal (Business Objects) and buy more licenses or perhaps an upgraded edition of CR XI.

As I recall the license you get for the desktop is basically an unlimited license.  Plus you may not be running the as simultaneously.  I believe the server license provides you 5 licenses or simultaneous connections.

You can purchase more, I believe in blocks of 5 or 10 but unless you are really seeing a performance hit I would question the value since I believe they are somewhat pricey.

samittAuthor Commented:
Yes I am running into performance issues. The reason why I am spawning multiple threads is because I have quite a few reports to generate and a rather small time fence to do it.
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