Network 2 computers on different networks to 1 printer


I currently have 2 separate networks running parrallel.
The computers are WIN XP machines and they are sitting next to each other.
I need to network these computers to the same printer.

Cheers mate
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I'm assuming that the two computers are connected to a hub. If you want to connect your LPT printer directly on the LAN (i.e. to another port of the hub), you need a special adapter that you can easily find on the market. Just connect your printer on a side of the box and the LAN to the other. The software coming with the adapter will let you able to connected you computers to the printer.
There are many guides and tutorials on how to connect 2 Windows XP pc's with a simple crossover cable or switch to enable them to share files and printers and other common resources.  Here's one guide from Microsoft:
If this is your home network:

You can either get a router or a layer 3 switch and connect the two networks.

You could also get a second NIC for one of the XP machines, connect it to the other network, enable it as a router and and use it to route between the two networks.

If this is a work network:

  Then you need to talk to your network people.
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Sorry, I didn't read your initial comments that each pc was already connected to a network.
Does Your Printer have a USB Connection and LPT Connection??
Chad_MacArthurAuthor Commented:
No USB but a LPT connection.
A simlpe solution then would be to access printer via network from 1 PC and via parallel from other pc
I would use a usb switchbox, two computers sharing multiple usb ports, one could be the printer.  
Of course that will work, but its not a "network" solution. Anyhow, the LAN print server I proposed are also available with USB printer connection.
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