Files/data recovery from crashed computer [URGENT]

I have a Windows 2000 PC, but it got crashed due to OS errors.  I have tried, tried, and tried, but it seems impossible to fix the PC.   Luckly, all of my files/data are in D:\ drive (which is another hard drive I have besides C:\).  How do I get the files/data from D:\ and paste them onto a working PC.  

First step will be 'open the PC and take the D:\ out of it'.
and then, what are the next steps?
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Actually three ways of primary interest to me come to mind.

1.  Install the D: Drive to the new system as D: Drive.  This will be the simplest way overall.  You can designate this drive through your OS.  If you have any questions post your OS and will be happy to assist - or someone will!!!  LOL

2.  Attach the D: Drive to the new system as a slave drive and you will see it listed in "My Computer".  Access the drive and copy everything you want over to a different drive.

3.  Purchase an External USB Enclosure and install your D: Drive into it.  you can then take it and plug it into a USB slot on your PC or another and access it like an attached/installed Drive.  This allows your to carry the drive around with you and use it ondifferent computers.  Gives you and external - portable drive.  Following link gives some enclosures to consider:

Hope this Helps!!!
Boot the computer and get into setup . It is a little different depending on who made your computer. Usually somewhere on the inital boot screen there will be a message to <Setup  ** >  . Usually its F1,F2,F8,F10 or the del key. Once you get in look for the Boot options screen. Change the 1st boot option to CDRom.Save the changes to the bios and the computer will reboot.

After the BIOS screens complete there will be a  Press any key to boot from CD message on the screen. Pick a key and press it.

Once the computer has booted from the CD you'll see a "Welcome to Windows Setup" screen appear and after all the drivers have loaded (shown along the bottom), choose to use the recovery console (choose item #2).

In the "Recovery Console"  specify the appropriate Windows installation. It will be listed. It's probably #1. Then log on by using your Windows Administrator password. Its usually just a matter of pressing the enter key to get by the password prompt..

Next, type:


and hit the ENTER key.

Note the drive that you want to reformat. The drive letters may be different in the Recovery Console from what they are in Windows NT or 2000, but if you want to reformat the C: drive then its likely the largest.

Next, type:

format C: /fs:ntfs

After this is done, you need to reinstall Windows 2000. Reboot your computer with the Windows 2000 setup CD in the CDROM and let it boot into the Windows Setup screen. Let it load all the drivers. Then choose option 1 and start the clean installation. When it is done, reboot the computer.

JohnLucaniaAuthor Commented:
>> After this is done, you need to reinstall Windows 2000.

Reinstall of Winows 2000 is impossible.  The PC is REALLY gone badly.

>> Attach the D: Drive to the new system as a slave drive and you will see it listed in "My Computer".

How do I connect D:\ to the new PC (OptiPlex GX620 MT wit Windows XP)?  
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hi there

simple open the computer and if the existing hard drive in that system is a SATA hard Disk and this is a IDE disk then try to connect the hard disk to the ide connector and set it as slave.  The hard drive will be automatically detected and it will be recognized as a partition.


you may need the IDE cable from the old PC, to connect it to the new one.
Before installing it, check the jumper settings on the back.
The Boot disk in the new PC will be set as Master (M) or Cable select (CS)
if it is set as M, connect your disk to the same cable, second connector with the jumper set to Slave (S)
if it is set as CS, connect your disk to the same cable, second connector with the jumper set to  CS
JohnLucaniaAuthor Commented:
I am still working on it.
JohnLucaniaAuthor Commented:
I added the drive as E:
but, it shows as 'RAW (file system) and says 'Access is denied' when I click on the drive.  How do you correct this?  The disk (E:) has ~ 25 GB data on it.
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