Not able to FTP since my ISP changed the proxy settings.

Dear Experts,

I am a user in Australia and using an ISP called TPG. Everything was OK until two days ago. I have some websites hosted in the U.S. and I was no longer able to browse to these sites. I called TPG helpdesk and they got me to use a proxy server which is " port 3128" this fixed the browsing issue but still cannot FTP to my sites. I am using a "Total Commander" to FTP. I tried all possible configurations but no success. Also I cannot login to my router using IE if using the proxy server even when ticking "Bypass proxy for local IPs". This has really puzzled me. I need the FTP connection for my work.

Please help.
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is your local ISP blocking FTP?
Is the site where your other servers are, blocking Ftp or anything from your site?

you will need to contact both ISP's. and give them all the information.
BandykaAuthor Commented:
Forgot to add the sites. and I can access all other sites but these ones. I can access these using other ISPs.
BandykaAuthor Commented:
I worked it out the host put a block on my IP for some reason.
All good now
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