The fan of the power supply is not running...

Hi Experts,

i got an Antec Sonata II PC case. The power supply come with the PC case. And currently, the fan of the PS is not running... is it normal?!?!?

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MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not so fast shaharidzal, this particular case has a PSU with dual fans. An intake fan and an output fan. The intake will start up and run as long as the computer is running, the output fan will only start up when a certain temperature level is attained. If the temperature isn't getting high enough to start the output fan it won't be spinning.

@m_renaud--> check that this is the actual PSU 
And see if there is in fact a second fan inside the case of the PSU. If this fan is there and is not turning then there is a problem. If it s only the output then this is proper for this PSU.
No, it is not normal for a PSU fan not working. It should be alway running when your PC is turned-on. Have the fan replace or get a new PSU.
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