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I have a limited amount of knowledge on how search engines work and what they are looking for, and now have the demand to get back into this stuff, so I wanted to see if anyone had resources/articles and programs I can take a look at to get a better understanding of how I can improve sites for SEO.

I would like information about SEO in general, but I also have these questions:

1.) Is there somewhere I can obtain a list of popular search engines (to submit to)
2.) Is there a way to 'auto submit' sites to these search engines (by a script for example)
      a.) Looking for a way with google currently, also looking for other search engines
3.) Also looking for information on what engines are looking for, what can change their behavior and how they behave in general
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ShaneJonesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
4 Main Areas

Keyword Research
On Page Optimisation
On Site Optimisation
External Optimisation

Keyword Research
You first need to identify what keywords you want to optimise your site for. Image yourselfin your customers eyes, what whould you want them to be typing to get to your website.

Use keyword tools such as this one and this one here

On Page
Inserting your selected Keywords into text, do not over do the keywords though stick to around 5-8%.

Also on page you need meta tags, some may argue against the keywords and description but i have always used them.

Title Tags

Have a good amount of copy text. With Keyword Inclusion

If you are using lots of images and little text try to include some alt text.

On Site
The website structure, keep it all easy to browse around, include a site map, try to have links on all pages to most of your key core pages.

Have a links page

Have an Other information page. This can be where you include organically created content, increased content can increase your chances of being seen by the SE users

Links Links and Links

Buy relavent links,

Blag free ones,

Directory submissions.

Make sure the links you gain are worth it though links are a key part in getting you pagerank.

Think that is all if i think of any more i will post more

ashishjvwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1.I have answered this question before. There is a list which is available at

2.There are few scripts and softwares for the same . i wudnt use them though. You can hire someone or some company.

3.All search engines are looking for is a good quality site with fresh/genuine content.

ShroderAuthor Commented:
Can you please elaborate a little more? I was looking for a lot more information then this, and I still need an answer for the second question.

I'm not looking to hire someone else or hire a company. I'm looking to educate myself so I can improve web sites myself.

As far as scripts and software go I have found some helpful software. So even though they may not make everything automated, they were helpful.

Thank you for the link to the list of search engines. Much appreciated.
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