When the FTP fails...

HI Experts,
We have a VB6 application that works just fine transmitting our data.
But when the ftp goes down (for many reasons) or there is no service from our ISP; we experience troubles.

This may happen around five times a week.

So please if you can teach us how to control this kind of errors with VB6 code.
How do we realize the FTP is not working?? or is working properly??

Some source will be great.
Best regards,
RGuillermoProject ManagerAsked:
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It all depends on how you do your FTP transfers.

If you call a DOS batch file with commands and execute it you may have a hard time logging whether it was successful or not.

If you use a third party dll they will usually include some sort of error handling.

One of the components I've used successfully is NIBLACK.ASPFTP which you can download for free from 15 seconds (http://www.15seconds.com/issue/981203.htm). It includes instructions on how to use the component as well as some routines to determine if your commands were successful or not.
You can use "On Error Goto" to control the error in VB application. You can view an example here:
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