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Pop-up Menu Drilldown

I am trying to create a Pop-up Menu field that will do the following:  If I have a Software (category) Pop-up Menu and I select, say FileMaker as the vendor from the displayed list, I would then want a new Pop-up Menu to appear so that it gives me a new set of choices, say Pro 8, Pro 8 Advanced, Server 8, Server 8 Advanced and Mobile 8.  However, there may be instances where the vendor selected from the software list only has one software product available.  In this case I would  not want a second Pop-up Menu to appear.  I have already created the primary value list that shows all of the different software vendors, but don't know how to proceed from here as I am a novice user.

Thanks in advance for the help!
1 Solution
You can reduce the 2nd popup list contents depending on the 1st one value by using a selfrelationship on which you base the 2nd list.
But there is no way to skip a step if it has only one name, except if you write a script which checks that before switching to another layout where you will place the 2nd popup, but this is not very handy, you will have to click on a button after 1st popup selection, and you'd probably want to avoid that..
In this case, I think I would use a plug-in which allows to trigger a script upon a field content change like the excellent www.softs4humans.com event plug-in. whenever the field where you store the 1st popup value would be changed, the script would be triggered automatically, check the 2nd list amount of lines, and switch to the required next step accordingly

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