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Need help opening a data file

I have a tape(I extracted the data using Visual Pax) that includes a list of parts in an unknown formated, this list includes prices, weight, description, part number and other details.
I need to be able to extract the part number and weight from this data file. However I'm not sure what format it's in. When I open it in a normal text editor this is what it looks like(first line):

VOýEFF 04/01/06 RUN 03/29/06 IPL 03/21/06 REC 0116478 BYTES 08675834ýVOLVO AUTOMOBILE      þ102041í1ýSCREWý01122ý3ýýýýýýrýýýýC 35EA  3511ýýýýýýýýý0þ102056í9ýSCREW 0604ý01122ý3ýýýýý3ýýtýýýC 35EA N3511ýýýýýýýý€ý†þ102701ý0ýSCREWý01122ý3ýýýýýýwýPýýýC 41EA N4111ýýýýýýýý@ýFþ102754í9ýSCREWý01122ý3ýýýýýdýRýýýýC 35EA  3511ýýýýýýýý!ý0þ10506í4ýCASTLE NUTý01143ý3ýýýýýýýgýýýC 35EA  3511ýýýýýýýýwý‡þ105154ý9ýSCREWý01122ý3ýýýýýxý2ýýýýC 41EA R4111ýýýýýýýýý      þ10589ý0ýNUTý01142ý3ýýýýýpýý ýýýC 41EA R4111ýýýýýýýý•ý˜þ10592ý4ýLOCK NUTý01000ý3ýýýýý%ýCý6ýýýC 42EA R4211ýýýýýýýý4ý5þ106709ý9ýSCREWý01129ý3ýýýýý‚ýýaýýýC 41EA R4111ýýýýýýýýFýUþ106830ý3ýSCREWý01000ý3ýýýýýý0ý%ýýýC 40EA R4011ýýýýýýýý$ý%þ106841í0ýSCREWý01122ý3ýýýýý3ý#Yý ýýýC 35EA  3511ýýýýýýýý pý!Fþ106942í6ýCROSS RECESSEDý01127ý3ýýýýýý1ý&ýýýC 42EA  4211ýýýýýýýý$ý%þ106985ý5ýSCREWý01127ý3ýýýýýý3ý(ýýýC 42EA R4211ý961320ýýýýýýý&ý'þ107401í2ýHEXAGON SCREWý01127ý3ýýýýýGýyýgýýýC 41EA  4111ýýýýýýýýcýfþ10817í5ýNUTý01142ý3ýýýýý’ýAýýýýC 35EA N3511ýýýýýýýý$ý)þ10842ý3ýBALL JOINTý02719ý3ýýýýý      Aýý‰ýýýC 38EA  3811ý959573ýýýýýýýpýþ1095223ý2ýSPACER SLEEVEý05639ý3ýýýýý€ýRý„ýýýC 38EA  3811ýýýýýýýýxý’þ1095431ý1ýHEAT-SHRINKABLý03719ý2ýýýýý&ý‰ý0ýýýB 42EA  3511ýýýýýýýýýþ11009ý8ýBALL BEARINGý01315ý3ýýýýýBýXýTýýýC 38EA R3811ý181799ýýýýýýý7ýyþ11010í6ýBALL BEARINGý01315ý3ýýýýý4ý      uý(ýýýC 35EA  3511ýýýýýýýýVýˆþ11013ý0ýBALL BEARINGý01315ý3ýýýýýsý TýEýýýC 38EA  3812ýýýýýýýýý‚þ11014ý8ýBALL BEARINGý01315ý3ýýýýý2AýR'ýDBýýýC 38EA  3811ýýýýýýýýCuýE7þ11022í1ýBALL BEARINGý01315ý3ýýýýý€ý!#ýýýýC 35EA  3511ýýýýýýýýcý2þ11023í9ýBALL BEARING 0703ý01315ý3ýýýýý ý3qý(eýýýC 38EA9N3811ýýýýýýýý("ý)&þ11024í7ýBALL BEARINGý01315ý3ýýýýý(ýC      ý6býýýC 35EA  3511ýýýýýýýý7ý9!þ11108ý8ýBALL BEARINGý01000ý3ýýýýýQý)†ý%8ýýýC 38EA R3811ýýýýýýýý$™ý%‘þ11136ý9ýBALL BEARINGý01315ý3ýýýýý#iý8!ý2GýýýC 38EA N3811ýýýýýýýý1˜ý3þ11145í0ýBALL BEARINGý01315ý3ýýýýý0FýF†ý9ƒýýýC 35EA  3511ýýýýýýýýAýBdþ1128054ý2ýANTENNA SUPPORý03952ý3ýýýýýƒý‰ý ýýýC 35SA N3553ýýýýýýýýý6þ1128087ý2ýPROLONGER ARMý08416ý3ýýýýý8ý(ýýýýC 35EA N3551ýýýýýýýý&ýSþ1128135ý9ýTOP COATý01861ý3ýýýýýv      ýpý’9ýýýC 30EA N3051ýýýýýýýýrýSþ1128145ý8ýTOP COATý01861ý3ýýýýýfý”Cý€&ýýýC 30EA N3071ýýýýýýýý‰$ý’Tþ1128147ý4ýSPRAY PAINTý01865ý3ýýýýývýVýýýýC 35EA R3551ýýýýýýýýSýþ1128149ý0ýTOUCH-UP PENý01866ý3ýýýýý'ýVýýýýC 38EA R3821ý1396588ýýýýýýý†ý8þ1128151ý6ýTOP COATý01861ý3ýýýýýXUý”CýýýýC 38EA N3821ýýýýýýýýyý—þ1128153ý2ýSPRAY PAINTý01865ý3ýýýýývýVýýýýC 35EA R3551ýýýýýýýýSýþ1128155ý7ýTOUCH-UP PENý01866ý3ýýýýývýVýýýýC 35EA R3551ýýýýýýýýSýþ1128157ý3ýTOP COATý01861ý3ýýýýýWý’#ýx9ýýýC 38EA N3811ýýýýýýýýwý€þ1128159ý9ýSPRAY PAINTý01865ý3ýýýýývýVýýýýC 35EA R3551ýýýýýýýýSýþ1128161ý5ýTOUCH-UP PENý01866ý3ýýýýývýVýýýýC 35EA R3551ýýýýýýýýSýþ1128168ý0ýLUGGAGE STRIPý08911ý3ýýýýý#iý6Eý0˜ýýýC 35EA R3551ý3680317ýýýýýýý1˜ý3þ1128177ý1ýFUEL CANý02343ý3ýýýýýý$Eý xýýýC 38EA  3829ýýýýýýýý Gý!"þ1128178ý9ýLUGGAGE NETý08911ý3ýýýýý'cýBPý6ýýýC 35EA N3551ýýýýýýýý70ý8hþ1128180ý5ýPAINTý01861ý3ýýýýýHBýiýXyýýýC 30EA R3051ýýýýýýýýe7ýgyþ1128182ý1ýCARPET, LEFT,ý08559ý3ýýýýý6CýXuýI“ýýýC 38EA  3829ýýýýýýýýIýQ þ1128183ý9ýCARPET, RIGHT,ý08559ý3ýýýýý6CýXuýI“ýýýC 38EA  3811ýýýýýýýýIýQ þ1128184ý7ýCARPET, GREYý08559ý3ýýýýýFý&†ý"ƒýýýC 35EA  3551ýýýýýýýý#Wý$Dþ1128185ý4ýCARPET, LEFT,ý08559ý3ýýýýý      “ý(ý˜ýýýC 35EA N3551ýýýýýýýýAýþ1128186ý2ýCARPET, RIGHT,ý08559ý3ýýýýý      “ý(ý˜ýýýC 35EA N3551ýýýýýýýýAýþ1128187ý0ýCARPET, BLACKý08559ý3ýýýýýDýEý      sýýýC 35EA N3551ýýýýýýýýýBþ1128189ý6ýPROTECTORý08911ý3ýýýýý–ý7&ýgýýýC 30EA N3051ýýýýýýýý)qý4Qþ1128304í1ýCURTAINý08829ý3ýýýýý!7ý2‡ý'“ýýýC 35EA  3571ýýýýýýýý(…ý)’þ1128320ý7ýROOF RACKý08911ý3ýýýýý"˜ýuiýI3ýýýC 30EA R3051ý1188728ýýýýýýýfýrþ1128321ý5ýROOF RACKý08911ý3ýýýýý™ýGý%ýýýC 30EA R3051ýýýýýýýý9ýDþ1128331ý4ýMAT SET GRAYý08552ý3ýýýýýýýýýýC 00EA R0051þ1128332ý2ýMATSET, BLACKý08552ý3ýýýýý7ýT‚ý1YýýýC 30SA R3051ýýýýýýýýF0ýQrþ1128333ý0ýSPRAY PAINTý01865ý3ýýýýývýVýýýýC 35EA R3551ýýýýýýýýSýþ1128335ý5ýSPRAY PAINTý01865ý3ýýýýývý

You can see both the description and part numbers, for example part #1128333 is spray paint. I need to figure what program I need to read this file to access all the data.

2 Solutions
You might try QuickView Plus.  It is a multipurpose viewer and can be used to view lots of different types of files without actually having the software installed:


IsaiahdwAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion Expert4XP, but I gave that a try and it just says "unknown file type" and opens it like ultra edit(and other text editors) does. I'm still trying to figure out a way to pull out the information. I found a progam that will give me the part numbers and prices, but I need the weight also.

If anyone is interested, I can email you the file and the program that I used to extract the prices and part numbers.
try to find the file extension : goto Mycomputer -> Tools -> folder options -> view ->uncheck' hide extensions for knowns file types'
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IsaiahdwAuthor Commented:
I don't have a problem finding the extension, I need to figure out how to access the data in the file. Visual Pax will allow you to use any extension you want when extracting the date.
If you're using a windoze OS you can try right clicking that file, then select properties, and then summary (advanced). If you're lucky you might see some info about the file type. If not, there probably isn't much chance except with try and error (using different apps to try and open the file), or by asking those who created the file.
IsaiahdwAuthor Commented:
I guess nobody has any ideas... oh well I'm giving up on opening this file.

Thanks for all the help guys!

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