Not appendable (Media Full)

I'm having a problem with backups, last night backup stopped at 10 of 35 gig and ejected the tape and prompted for overwriteable media.

I am using veritas backup exec for sbs with a dat unit 72 gig tapes.  When I look at the media sets Monday- Friday are overwriteable which I presumes means they are in fact overwriteable but for some reason it also says Not appendable (Media Full), could this be the reason my backups are failing?

Each nights backup is set to fully overwrite the tape so no incremental or differential configured
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this is defect in backup exec software.  Go into the job setup parameters, and set to ERASE drive before backup.  This will get it working again, the problem is, you can only store one backup on each tape.  This is a serious problem with the software they have never fixed.  After a few writes, the software fails to write to the tape, becuase it sees other backup jobs on the tape and thinks it is full.  Only other alternative is to kill all catalog files on the hard disk and on the tape media, and start again, but this is a drastic measure requiring hours of work to rebuild catalogs.
No defect of this nature in Backup Exec, you've probably got it set to "Append to media, never overwrite", you need to change this to "Append to media, overwrite if no appendable media is available" under the job properties.

Although "basics of advanced" is an oxymoron and there are two "figure 2"s in the following document it does explain the various settings that have to be configured if you are using a library.

Scratchyboy, I would ask you to refer people to it instead of saying BE is faulty, it always solves this type of problem once the user realises how BE choses what media to use. 
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
I'm inclined to think it is a problem with that rev of bexec as all my other sites have the same setup and they run fine the only difference being the rev.  The media is in scratch media and the job is set to overwrite media.

I'm going to remove the current rev (5484) and install rev (5520) for version 10 as this previously resolved a problem I had with backup exec.
I have to admit paying for a product like veritas and then be thrown into a knowledge base for support is a rip off.  
Recieving the rev 5484 CD from sales and being told it's not supported when you phone up for support is a rip off :(
"Scratchyboy, I would ask you to refer people to it instead of saying BE is faulty, it always solves this type of problem once the user realises how BE choses what media to use."

Sorry, there is a long history of exactly this problem with BUExec, since version 5, but more intensely 7 to 9.  Many users have experienced flaw, you are just lucky you havent.  Check this and other sites going back 4 years, you will get a good education on problem.  Yes and now you are learning about BUExecs bad support too?
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