Settup of a network 101 is driving me crazy so 500 points to someone that can walk me through it

I am very technical  but not  a network guy.  So, I am coming here so that once and  for all I can access files on other systems.  This is driving me nutz.  Sometime I can get to the files on  another system and sometime I cannot.

So, I am going to go back to the base level with only 2 computers:

Using ZeroKnowledge Freedom Firewall on both systems.
Using a Linksys wrt54g wireless router

xpsdesktop 10/100 to a linksys wrt54g router.  windows  xp pro
 On this system  the  download dirctory and mydocuments directory were set to share and others (on the network) can edit

xpsnotebook is a windows xp pro centrino builtin wireless (and connection shows excellent), but I can not windows explore the xpsdesktop download files directory or the xpsdesktop mydocuments directory.  However, I can access the internet (through the router) just fine

When trying to click on netowork places from the xpsnotebook i dont get mshome.  I only get workgroup

I can get more specific if necessay (and will) but if a network guru is out there, possibly you can answer (what I think should be easy fixes for dummies like me) the  question  faster than I can type.  But this is going to be a 500 pointer because I am tired of messing around with it;.

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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi bob733,

contains all the steps for home networking give it a try
Expert4XPConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sometimes on a Windows XP Pro system you have to define the userid's (and passwords) of any remote users that you want to have access to your xp Pro system.  Go to Control Panel/User Accounts and try adding the userid (logon name NOT machine name) of the other pc.
Also make sure you turn off the firewall while testing.
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How about I a copy of an earlier posting I did to get you started, sort of as a check list. Have a look at these steps and feel free to ask any of us for more details. also disable the "ZeroKnowledge Freedom Firewall " for now:
You can look in the Windows Help file under (in XP):
Help | Networking and the web | Sharing Files, printers and other resources
Or I have outlined the steps below.

You will need to be logged in with administrator privileges

If you have XP with SP2 so I would disable the firewall until you get this working and then you can re-enable and configure as necessary. Disable by going to My Network Places | properties | local area connection | Properties | advanced | settings | off
I would temporarily disable any other software firewalls, if installed, as well,

Under My Computer | Properties | Computer name, see that a workgroup name is configured. If you like, you can change this by choosing change, entering a new name and re-booting. All computers must have the same workgroup name, and keep the name  11 characters or less and no spaces. The default with Microsoft XP is MSHome. A rule of thumb for security is to change default options such as the MSHome workgroup name.

Under My Network Places | properties | local area connection | Properties | "this connection uses the following items:", you need 3 things:
1) Client for Microsoft networks
2) File and print sharing
3) Internet Protocol TCP/IP
These were likely all installed when your network card was installed. If not choose Install and add them.

The 3rd one may to be configured. Again, assuming you are using a router, click on Internet protocol TCP/IP and properties. Make sure the following 2 items are checked (assumes DHCP is enabled on the router):
1)      Obtain an IP address automatically
2)      Obtain a DNS server address automatically
Then click OK

Now you need to create a shared folder if you haven't done so. If you have shared a folder already it will have a hand under the icon. If this doesn't exist pick or create a folder of your choice, then right click on it and choose Sharing. On the sharing tab choose “Share this folder” and accept the default name or you can enter a different name. Then click on permissions and for now select Everyone and Full control. You can set this on different folders or shares to restrict access to various persons. Then click OK, OK and you should see a hand under the folder icon.
Note, if there are others on your network do not allow Everyone to connect, or they will, just select those users you want to give access. (If you have XPpro or Win2K you can make this more secure with NTFS security permissions. Let me know if you want to use this feature)

Only remaining step is adding a user. You can use an existing user account or add another, but the same account, UserName and password need to exist on each computer. The password cannot be blank.

You should be all set if I haven’t forgotten anything. It may take a bit to be able to browse My Network places and see the other computer. You can access the other computer a little faster
bob733Author Commented:
Wow.... you  guys must all be married and not able to go  out on a Saturday night ha ha.... I am a Mr. Mom and I too, am at home on the computer.  that  being said, it is great to see the help coming in.  But, being a Mr. Mom (in Florida EST), I just realized how tired I was so I am going to hit the rack tonight and get on this first thing tomorrow morning (5 am ish).  I really appreciate the help (and return help).  

If you have any other comments, I  will  Pick them  up Sunday morning (before I go to church and ask for divine intervention on setting up networks... just kidding God... just kidding

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Married yes, but I guess not qualifying as Mr. Mom, as you won't see me at 5:00 AM  I did that shift many years ago. Take your time, and let us know how you make out.
--Rob (AST 1500 miles north of you)
Networking is simple as falling off log.  If you are having trouble, here is your trouble -
"Using ZeroKnowledge Freedom Firewall on both systems"
Kill it, and rely on the routers firewall capabilities.  Once you realize that almost ALL routers provide stealth firewall of all ports in their default installlation, then adding to the "Using ZeroKnowledge Freedom Firewall" is problem.
bob733Author Commented:
I have not forgot the question quys... I have just been real busy with Mr. Mom stuff and have not got down to the nitty gritty stuff you all have suggested.

But I will and say thanks accordingly.  I will say I have looked at your (Jay Jay and Robwill) stuff and so far, they are both helpful

Will advise asap.

Thanks as aways


Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks for the update. Let us know how you make out.
bob733Author Commented:
Going to close out this question since I am getting parts to work and believe i can finish by looking at the stuff you two(RobWill and JayJay70 helped with).

So, thanks ever so much.  I would like (ha ha) to researve the previlidge of coming back subsequent to the point allocation if I have another question about this (or should I open up another one).

In any event here they (points come).

thankyou my friend can post back with questions whenever
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks bob733, and as Jay_Jay70 stated, feel free anytime.
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