HOW to bypass this reread on the new system?

This is an issue with Outlook and to my knowledge it is by design that this reread is doing what it does.
The only reason that this is now a problem is that the customer has added a third (new) computer to a working environment.

The problem is in the adding of a new computer (laptop) to a working environment of multiple computers (home & office) wherein the Leave on Server function is operating and many files are stored on the server (in this case a third party server).

Outlook of the new system starts up running a copy of the pst file from one of the the old systems.  Everything looks good until you send/receive/all and then Outlook REREADS every file on the server and is relentless in doing so.

HOW to bypass this reread on the new system?

I'm looking for a registry alteration or alternative means to import a pst file onto a new computer that will start that computer out with the understanding that all existing email stored is of READ status.

This issue is complicated by the existance of large attachments on many of the files and therefore the reason that simply letting it sit and reread the files again.
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upul007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You could use the option on outlook to download message headers only. Once done change the status of the emails to read and then configure to download normally.
chasster123Author Commented:
Quaint - but affective.

I'll test shortly and if any oddity I'll post the feedback.

chasster123Author Commented:
Pardon to be so late getting back in touch.

By the time I arrived on the site the customer had implemented the change and refrehsed Outlook.

The above suggestion worked.

BE cautious as:
The customer had started selecting other email before restting the values to default and encountered a Read Only issue - caused by his action.
After this email was read and the resulting message group was replyed to (wanted to know about continuing to read...) the message functioned correctly.
Glad that the issue was resolved and thanks for the heads up on the read only issue.
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