Good Remote Desktop for Mac ???

Hi Experts,

I’m using win XP Machine and need to connect to the MAC machines.
Can you recommend me a good remote access software, currently I’m using VNC server.

Is there any thing more comfortable like Windows inbuilt remote desktop?
Dose Microsoft proving some plugging to install and access MAC machines using same remote desk top tool ?

Thanks alot !
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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
VNC server is built in to the Mac's OS, so all you need is a VNC client on the PC side. Just check the Apple Remote Access checkbox in the Sharing Preferences panel to turn it on.

Also see the hints and tips here:

and in particular here:

If for some reason you don't like VNC, a commercial cross-platform alternative that works very well is Timbuktu Pro:
dcliveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Apple's remote desktop functionality is based on VNC, so VNC is likely about the best you'll get on the Mac.  
lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the office 2004  package for mac, there is also a remote desktop access tool to access PCs from macs which is probably equivalent to the windows version (I did not test it myself), just in case yr problem is also vice-versa, mac to access pc.
the other 1/3 party app is timbuktu, which allows bi-directionnal access in between macs and pws
FurnessSupportConnect With a Mentor Commented:
VNC works well. It's available out of the box on 10.4 (System Preferences, Sharing, Select Apple Remote Desktop and click on Priviledges, tick the box for VNC vieweres may ... and set a password). For 10.3 (and possibly 10.2 ?) you need to update the Remote Desktop software (IIRC to something like version 2.1 or 2.2, it's been a while now, downloadable from Apples website) before this option appears.
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