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All wireless connections in house went dead, except one computer wasnt on at time i had friends computer on my router

OK i was fixing a friends computer up, reloading some programs etc, ever since i put him on my network, all computers on my network can not connect wirelessly.. except for one i am on now, whch wasnt on when i had his computer on the network... he may have had a virus, not picking anything up though... one of my other computers now has a binch of device problems do, all these unknown devices are showing up and cant find drivers for them... im probably going to format/reload that one, but trying to avoid formatting two other computers that cant connect wirelessly.. i tried the winsock fix and it didnt work... i have tried numerously entering the wep key again and again.... the wirelss network is showing up when i view available wireless networks, using the windows wireless manager... dont have anything else controlling the wireless settings, and this happened to 3 computers, so it seems fishy.... and my friends computer was fairly new, i could get on the wireless netowrk with his, entering the key, i did his virus updates and it would lose connection, i would reset the modem and unplug the router, try it again, would connec for a few minutes then lose it.... thats when i tried my other computers and noticed they had the same problems... i then shut off all computers in the house and turned on this laptop which uses wireless as well and it connected fine.... strange and i dont like it.... any ideas? thanks in advance, really dont want to format...
1 Solution
Try the obvious first:
Power everything off. Reboot the modem. Then reboot the router. Then reboot other pcs one by one and check for connection. Any change?

What is the firewall situation? Is the router firewall configures correctly? Do any of the other pcs have individual firewalls enables? Is the Windows firewall enabled?

Go to Control Panel - Network Connections. Rt. click the wireless connection and select the "repair" option. Does the repair process complete? If not, which stage does it stick on?
Also check your modems configuration for wireless settings.
well it cant be a config change in the modem because the one that was left off the network while whatever occured happened is not having an issue at all.  Just because a virus scan says its clear doesnt mean anything at all I have fought many virus's that scanners didnt pick up till I started clearing it off.  Try looking at a hijack this log see if you come up with anything in there that doesnt look normal.  The reason I suspect a virus is because it happened to more than one on the network and the one that was off has no issues at all so that would lead me to believe the original config is fine its something that was loaded while that other computer was running on the network and happened to more than one so its not luck.
PaigePeopleAuthor Commented:
well i reset the router a bunch of times and finnally got everything working properly.. I did format one computer because of major issues.. I have no clue what was going on.. It's possible somebody that lives close by was tapping into my network.. once i reset the router, i noticed somebody else was taking control of the router config.. when i went to  it said unauthorized or somethng along those lines and then also said X.X.X.X is controlling this device, but gave me an IP that i did not recognize.. It was defintley not mine at the time... But eventually i got into the router config, set it up again... used some security options and then entered the new SSID and ntwork key on the wireless computers trying to connect and they started to work again... i do still have one problem, one of my computers isnt holding a stead connection wirelessly, it did before all this happened.. it just loses connection after about 5 minutes of uptime... i dont even touch the computer and it loses connection... this happens on a consitent basis... thanks again guys...

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