Moving hard drive, blinking cursor

I took the hard drive running Windows 2000 out of an old Pentium I machine and put it into a Pentium III machine. I know the hard drive is fine. However, although the BIOS recognises the hard drive in the Pentium III machine, when it tries to boot all that appears is a blinking cursor, i.e. the _ symbol just flashing.

Is there anything I can do to make it work? I don't want to know about reformatting drives, re-installing, etc. because I know how to do that - I just don't want to, which is the reason I am asking in here :)

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If there is everything OK with the jumper settings and cables (as Wadski),and your BIOS recognises the harddrive with its real capacity and tech specs ,they you should really go furthur with the 'beloved' OS reistalling;why?
cuz you have probably moved the harddrive on a different motherboard,am i right?
if so then you have a different chipset on the new motherboard,different frm your old machine with the pentium I,so there is nothing elese to be done but reistalling the OS cuz you must compile it regarding the new motherboard specifications!
so regrading this problem check out the following scenario:
1)backup all your sensitive private data ,as putting the hdd back on your old pentium I machine,and use naykind of backup/restoring program,or just make a copy of your private data on a differnt partition but not the installation partition,asume C:\ one;
2)read this walkthrough regarding moving an operating system on different motherboard:
I think that nobus knows a very good walkthroughs also regarding such problem...

Good luck!

WadskiIT DirectorCommented:
Hi there ma701sss,

Do you have more than one hard drive in the PC?  If so you need to change the pins on the side so that one is the MASTER and the OTHER the SLAVE.  If you are unsure on how to do this if you reply with the make and model and serial code of the drive you have put it I will locate it for you.

If you take the power out of the new drive your computer should boot normally.

ma701sssAuthor Commented:
No there's only one hard drive in there. It is set up the same as it was in the Pentium I machine. I have tried everything I can think off.
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Hi ma701sss,

this is an identical question to one posted in 2000 TA

the problem is that the chipset drivers are different from machine to machine and needs a repair install run :)
ma701sssAuthor Commented:
jay_jay, I'm going to try your suggestion. Will let you know how it goes.
I dont think that the Old HDD will boot in the new Computer.The reason for this is simple. The HAL is different in the two computers.

In computers, a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) is a layer of programming that allows a computer operating system to interact with a hardware device at a general or abstract level rather than at a detailed hardware level. Windows 2000 is one of several operating systems that include a hardware abstraction layer. The hardware abstraction layer can be called from either the operating system's kernel or from a device driver. In either case, the calling program can interact with the device in a more general way than it would otherwise. Unless and until the HAL is exactly same on both the computrs the old HD will not boot up.

There is one thing you can do though. if you install  the Operating system, of your choice an an entirely different HDD and than use the hard Drive from the original Pentium 1 desktop in the new machine as a Slave HDD then you can use the data and files you have in the Pentium 1 Drive.
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