Moved hard drive, blinking cursor

I took the hard drive running Windows 2000 out of an old Pentium I machine and put it into a Pentium III machine. I know the hard drive is fine and the operating system boots fine on the Pentium I machine. However, although the BIOS recognises the hard drive in the Pentium III machine, when it tries to boot all that appears is a blinking cursor, i.e. the _ symbol just flashing.

Is there anything I can do to make it work? I don't want to know about reformatting drives, re-installing, etc. because I know how to do that - I just don't want to, which is the reason I am asking in here :)

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Hi ma701sss,

you need to run a repair install on the disk, you cant simply move it over as the MOBO drivers are all different and they just conflict

boot from your windows cd and run a repair install - not a format, but a repair
i am not sure if you can just do that.
the only times that this worked fine with me, is when moving the hard drive from one machine to another of the same brand, the same model, the same everything.
ma701sssAuthor Commented:
jay_jay, what if I booted up in the old machine, removed all devices from device manager, and then rebooted in the pentium III machine. Would this work, since it would look for new drivers?
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no due to the fact that its the chipset drivers mostly that upset the drive
repair install MAY work, its not recommended to just move drives to another machine, windows depends on all the drivers, drive letters and locations of the installations (all stored in the registry and whatnot) so when you just pop it in another machine, it may read the wrong info, even if you preform a repair install... it does work sometimes but again, not a good thing to do, system stability wont be great after doing so.
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