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Photo Impact or Paint Shop Pro

I have a file that I need to make the background transparent. Can somebody help me with that. I have both Paint Shop and Photo Impact.   Thank you.
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paint shop pro (v9 here)

it's a little easier selecting the transparent color if you drop the # of colors to 256 (required for gif), you don't have to if you use a png file, but it sure is easier. so if you want, reduce the colors to 256, using whichever method looks the best (median cut, octree, websafe).  image -> decrease color depth -> 256

if the background isn't pure white or black, use the dropper tool to get the #hex value of the background color (in case you need it to help pick the color later)

then fire up the gif optimizer. file -> export -> gif optimizer  (or png optimizer for > 256 color images)

on the transparency tab, choose option: 'areas that match this color'  (in png optimizer you also have to select 'single color transparency' unless you want to play around with alpha channel)

if the background in the right hand sample image didn't go gray checkerboard, then click the color pad next to that option and pick the background color from the color picker. you've picked the right color when you see the gray checkerboard in the right side sample.

the tolerance value adjusts how 'close' a neighboring color has to be to the color you chose, before it also gets turned transparent.

then click 'ok' and save your file.
erichssAuthor Commented:
Thank you!!!!

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