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I need a mp3 player that starts up as soon as site loads with stop pause play next previous buttons I need to be able to add to timeline because it needs to be compact I have very little space to work with here is the site example I need to copy "portfilio" you will see link on bottom left side click music and the buttons will appear I would also like to know a script that could do that there will need to be a preloader for this also. I hope this is enough info thanks in advanced for all your help.
Sleepless in Florida
Tomi G
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Aneesh ChopraConnect With a Mentor Commented:

here I have uploaded an advanced mp3 player,
download it here.

it loads playlist using an xml, put mp3 in a folder and update xml

that's it,
zip also includes a readme, on how to use it.

tag2000Author Commented:
I want to thank you for this player I am working with it now getting it to look like I need it for the site. You are the best Aneesh Thanks again I am sure I will have a few questions for you once I get it into my project or maybe not.
Tomi G
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