WinXP Boot on SATA

hello fellow experts, well, as the title goes, i can't boot WinXP in my SATA Drive. (200GB Seagate)

motherboard: ASUS P5GL-MX
hdd: Seagate 200GB
no drivers on cd, site or disk.
OS on SATA bootable when accompanied with Parallel IDE's OS.

im really stuck! help!

any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

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adi_vladutConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ASUS P5GL-MX doesn't need sata drivers with Windows XP.
It seems that you have installed Windows XP first on the IDE disk and then on SATA drive with the IDE disk connected.
In that case, the boot loader for the both operating systems is located on the IDE disk.
So you can not start Windows XP on the SATA disk without the IDE disk connected.
You must have the boot loader on the SATA disk to boot without the IDE disk.

You must decide what do you realy want with the two drives.
Now you have dual boot with the IDE drive connected (both Windows XP are loaded from the IDE disk).

If you want single boot from SATA drive (IDE not connected) you have to install the boot manager on SATA drive.
The simple way to do that is to reinstall Windows XP (without the IDE disk connected) on SATA disk with
Repair option (not Recovery Console).
You must know about one setting in the BIOS setup where you decide what disk is the first one to boot from.
If you connect the IDE disk and you do not set the SATA disk as First HDD device, it will boot from IDE instead of SATA.

If you still want dual boot but starting from the SATA disk, you will have to set the SATA drive as First HDD in BIOS setup and then
reinstall Windows XP on SATA disk with Repair option (not Recovery Console). The setup will detect the instalation on both drives
and you will end up with dual boot from SATA disk.

Beware of the drive letter assignment with the two instalation because it may happened that you cannot run the software in some cases.
WadskiIT DirectorCommented:
Hi there BnNPR,

Have you already installed Windows XP?  
If not goto and to the support section and choose downloads.  There you can download the SATA Drivers for your Motherboard

What error message you have there? Setup BIOS to detect the SATA and to boot from the SATA drive. Check the link below to find the drivers for your motherboard:
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> OS on SATA bootable when accompanied with Parallel IDE's OS.

Are you saying that when your parallel IDE drive is NOT connected, XP will boot?

Some pc's (I think) allow you to specify the boot drive when you have a combination of sata and ide drives, but I don't quite follow your statement above.
gam3r_3xtr3m3Author Commented:
>> ..There you can download the SATA Drivers for your Motherboard.

well, there are no SATA drivers to be found for my motherboard.

>> ..What error message you have there? Setup BIOS to detect the SATA and to boot from the SATA drive.

no error messages are to be found rather than a no boot disk error when detecting for SATA boot.

>> ..Are you saying that when your parallel IDE drive is NOT connected, XP will boot?

its when the parallel IDE drive is connected that it will go for a dual boot, showing both XP's for both drives.

thanks in advanced!

WadskiIT DirectorCommented:
You sure it needs specific SATA drivers?  My ASUS mobo (A8N-SLI Premium) didn't ned SATA drivers and just installed on the drives no problems.

I don't have the reference here, but I have read about many problems developing when you have two active partitions, both containing XP, that XP sees at the same time.  If one is hidden and the other is active partition, no problem.  But running a "dual boot" with both active causes slow corruption in both.

Is that what you're trying to do?  Have 2 separate XP boot systems, one on sata disk drive, and separate one on ide?
This is classic SATA problem, so many people say -- "Gee mine works, how come yours doesnt" but long and short is that SATA often just fail to boot, and there is no recovery, other than to boot to windows XP CD and run fixboot C: and if that not work, reinstall, and if that not work, reformat SATA and reinstall, and if that not work, return the drives and get more reliable like Hitachi drives that work fine with ASUS MBs.  It is classic SATA failure problem.
Make sure your SATA disk is set to "Active". The simplest way to make a partition active is to use a win98 boot floppy with fdisk on it. You can also use  one of the fdisk similar tools on the UBCD to change a partition to active.
gam3r_3xtr3m3Author Commented:
thanks for all the comments and thanks for the great help adi_vladut! i forgot about the boot loading thing, i was so excited that i got a 200GB SATA that i kept the IDE intact for fast file transferring, thanks again!

While I agree that you can reinstall Windows XP as adi_vladut said above, I think you can correct the boot record without reinstalling anything:

The only thing wrong is the boot records.  Boot from your XP startup CD and go into the Recovery Console:

Run fixboot, fixmbr and/or bootcfg commands

(Do this with only your SATA drive connected of course.)
I'm glad that I was helpful.
If your problem was solved, what about closing the topic?
gam3r_3xtr3m3Author Commented:
sorry about that, i was out of internet access for 2 days, thanks again. :D
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