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Posted on 2006-05-07
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Last Modified: 2007-12-19
Hi All,
    I wonder if what I want to do is possible. On My main page I create TWO iFrames Side by Side based on a Session Variable:

Response.Write("<iframe scrolling=no width=256 height=1024 frameborder=no bordercolor=silver id='iframemenu' src='" + Session["PageMenu"].ToString() + "'></iframe>");

Response.Write("<iframe scrolling=no width=256 height=1024 frameborder=no bordercolor=silver id='iframetarget' src='" + Session["PageURL"].ToString() + "'></iframe>");

  So there are two pages side by side, one is a menu and the other is the target for the menu items.

 I am using an ASP:Menu in the Menu page and in the the Callback

 protected void Menu1_MenuItemClick(object sender, MenuEventArgs e)

 I want to change the src of the OTHER iframe  

 PSEUDOCODE  iframe["iframetarget"].src = "xcxxx"

If I can't do that I simply want to refresh the Main page that creates BOTH the iframes that way I can repopulate the two ifrrames using session variables.

 PSEDOCODE    thepagewhocreatedme.Refresh  or  URLThatWasTypedintpTheBrwwser.Refresh or RefreshBrowserPages

 Spent waay toooo long trying to find out how to do this



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Are you saying that you want to change the src of one iFrame from within the other iFrame? If so, then yes you can do this. I have done it before. If I remember correctly you need to reference the parent, and then the parent (you call it Main page) is able to change the source of the other iFrame. Something like, parent.iFrame2.src = 'whateverSrc.aspx'. One thing, I think I did that with Javascript, so you might need to call a Javascript function to change the src of the other frame, at least with the way I did it.
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Author Comment

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FP Yes I am trying to update the iFrames src from another iFrame.

  I think your suggestion is correct however I don't know how to:

 1) Get the Parent Page in C#
 2) Call a Javascript Function from C#

  You said you had done this before..can you dig up some source code :)


Accepted Solution

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Let me look around, I'll post in a little while....

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Here's an example:

You have 'Main.html' and the two iFrame pages, 'iFrame1.html' & 'iFrame2.html'

1) Main.html: load the iFrames like usual


<frameset cols="50%,50%">
<frame src="iFrame1.html" name="iFrame1">
<frame src="iFrame2.html" name="iFrame2">


2) iFrame1: Your navigation page

You will need to include the following Javascript in the <head> of the navigation page:

<script language="JavaScript"><!--

Function changeFrame2Src(location) {
this.parent.iFrame2.src = location; }


3) Your asp.net menu control will look something like the following:

  <asp:Menu runat="server">
<asp:MenuItem navigateUrl="javascript:changeFrame2Src(iFrame3.html)">Change target to iFrame3</asp:MenuItem>
<asp:MenuItem navigateUrl="javascript:changeFrame2Src(iFrame4.html)">Change target to iFrame4</asp:MenuItem>

*Keep in mind that I haven't tested the code!*

Another way to do it is to put the changeiFrameSrc function in the <head> of Main.html and call 'parent.changeiFrameSrc()'. You would then have to change the line of the function to: 'iFrame2.src = location;'

Hope this works for you!

(I think they are talking about your same problem here: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-3088.html)
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   Well I tried your suggestion and various incantations of it to no avail.

// On the main page
Response.Write("<iframe scrolling=no width=100% height=1024 frameborder=no bordercolor=silver id='iframetarget' src='" + Session["PageURL"].ToString() + "'></iframe>");

I'm not using a frameset I am dynamicaly creating the iframe and as far as i can ascertain there is no way to access the iframe from another child (
this.parent.frames["iframetarget"].src = null. Your link suggests calling a function in the parent that can access the iframe that may work.

However I reverted to my plan B refreshing the parent form and passing a session variable back. This way I can handle things from code behind which is what I really want. After much hair pulling....

    protected void Menu1_MenuItemClick(object sender, MenuEventArgs e)
        this.Session["PageURL"] = e.Item.PopOutImageUrl.ToString();  // I store the src url in this parameter so sue me ;)
        string l_script = "";
        l_script = "@SCRIPT>parent.document.forms['FrmMain'].submit();self.close()@/SCRIPT>";
        Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("CloseChild", l_script.Replace("@", "<"));
        // By registering this script the parent page is refreshed and this page closes (Assuming you main page form is frmmain)
        // the parent picks up the session variable and dynamically creates the iframe on refresh

I hope others find this useful.


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Author Comment

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Fp passed on da points to you for the help




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