Internet Gateway connection and icon intermitently appears then disappears from the Network Connections folder

An Internet Gateway connection and an icon appears in my Network Connection intermitently. Also, two icons resembling tv's appear in the notification bar. The Internet Gateway connection appears usually after rebooting or sometimes will appear when I start up the pc for the first time in any given day. Right now it's not there, but will later return on a later reboot. Why does it appear and disappears. My Internet connection is still good. I have broadband and connect to the moden via 4 ports linksys wireless router Could anyone suggest an answer or comment. Thank you.
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It is likely just being hidden after a while. . nothing to worry about
Nick DennyCommented:
This is an MS "enhancement" - Internet Gateway Device Discovery and Control Client.;en-us;821980&Product=winxp

You can remove it from control panel>add/remove programs>add/remove windows components>networking services.

Although, as said - just ignore it.
You can try this;

1. Go to Control Panel and select Network
 - Right click on the Internet Gateway connection and select Properties.
 - Under the General tab, check the box for "Show icon in the notification area when connected"

2. Try to change the port at your router.
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