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PIX 515 failover pair and DMZ

Hi Guys,

I have asked  a couple of questions this week about two PIX 515's (UR and FO) and failover config, which I have received good answers to.

What I forgot to ask is is there any special considerations if I was going to have a DMZ, or would I just configure the DMZ interfaces the same way as the internal interfaces?

Both PIX's have six interfaces and I was going to have inside, outside, statefull, failover and DMZ. I take it I would give the DMZ interfaces different addresses and treat them the same as the inside confgi just with a lower security setting?

Any pointers would be appreciated


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Hi Kevin

As per your earlier Qs on this - the DMZ interfaces should be configured exactly the same:
Active firewall:
DMZ ip address

Standby firewall:
DMZ ip address

Both of these interfaces should be plugged into the the DMZ switch (or into the same DMZ vlan if you are using vlans).  Should the active firewall fail, the standby will take over and the DMZ will assume the ip address.

Has all the details on how to configure etc.

You can test the failover configuration to make sure it is all working ok:
On the active firewall type:
no failover active

This will force failover to the standby - type sh failover and you will see how things have changed.

hope this helps

kjorvissAuthor Commented:
Hi nodisco

Thanks for the answer. I was just having a moment..... I was worried that their were special considerations for a DMZ network.

Thanks again for the advise

Your welcome.  Theres no harm in being careful ;-)
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