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Hi All,

  I have a typical problem. In my work I need to keep track of the Roadmap of the company for 5 to 10 years.  The technologies changes, projects changes, Global competetion chagnes.. These are the inputs to my road map. I need to create the road map based on these inputs.

  My question is "Is there any application or a system which can generate a road map for my inputs?" .. is there any other software which can help me.. Please give me some inputs..

Thanks in advance to all those who participate,
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wikipedia has extensive information on how to create a roadmap for a product or service (i guess you could extend this to a company that specialises in a certain product or service)...

also look into morphological charts. MCs show the relationship between requirements (inputs), possible solutions, & final results (outputs)...

if you need to make decisions based on inputs, make a decision matrix (or House of  Quality)...

I haven't seen any specific application to keep track of these things.  Usually one could create a key points in the company document in word or excel then expand on them as necessary.  
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
I don't know of any specific apps either. The closest I've come across is something like MS Project and it's open equivalents. Branch off your individual requirements as needed, but the typical need for something like this is enterprise business intelligence and they'll usually custom build or call in enterprise vendors like IBM to give them a full ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution.
sreenathkAuthor Commented:
I have come across one software.. But this is a full fledged package and costly. I want similar once..

Alignent company has VisionStrategist package. Check that.

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