Datatable select method to select date

I have a datatable that contain column of data type datetime.

for example:
i have a column name 'Ndate' that have datavalue '03-29-2006 12:00:00AM'

i want to select rows that 'Ndate' is '03/29/2006'.

Could anyone pls tell me how can i select it using method..?
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dt.Select("[date] = #2006-03-29#)
should give you what you want.
A91627Author Commented:
Sorry. Allow me to make me clear...

Actually i want to select date only from date time column.

For example:

column [Date]
'03/29/2006 12:00:00A.M'

and i want to select it date only like

is there any way like convert datetime to date only or select date only in method..?

I have tried"Convert(date, Varchar)"), but the result is a error message like this :
'Invalid datatype Varchar'

Or, if tolgaong's suggestion doesn't work (I haven't tried it), see this

That concerns a DataView .RowFilter, but the same expression rules apply to DataTable .Select.

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