Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed Peer-to-Peer Connection Lost message.

Due to the fact that Electronic Arts does not support online gameplay anymore for Porsche Unleashed, there is still Peer-to-Peer.  Everytime someone wants to connect to my IP address, they get a 'connection lost' response.  How can this be solved?  I have allowed Porsche Unleashed to be permitted on all ports and disabled my firewall (Win2000 running Nortons Firewall).
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Just a thought, are either of you behind a router? If so have you set port forwarding to the machines that you want to play on?

"i am not using version 3.5 because it has bugs" - yes I know but it does have better multiplayer support, to connect I think you would both have to be using the same version.

Will wait to hear.
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LAN or Internet connection?

You connection protocol will depend on which multiplayer system you have selected within the game.

LAN "in-game" in NFS5 uses IPX/SPX so you would need that protocol installed on your network

You can connect using IP/TCP using the Internet "in-game" connection

Also make sure you have the 3.5 patch installed;938507;;/fileinfo.html

Also check this thread and the one linked to it:

Try to check this site, they usually have game fixes or patches:


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gbiliosAuthor Commented:
I connect using Peer-to-Peer and i am not using version 3.5 because it has bugs.  I am running NFS PU version 3.2.Yes, i do have the version 3.5 patch and i'll install it to try the connection.  I am not connecting through a LAN. I am trying to get my friend to connect to my IP address through peer-to-peer connection.  He pinged me successfully and configured both mine and his firewall so that it will not block the connection.

I'll check the links before accepting.

gbiliosAuthor Commented:
Version 3.2 runs on XP and win2000  
gbiliosAuthor Commented:
Behind a router? no

i've upgraded to version 3.5 - testing it now
gbiliosAuthor Commented:
Sorry to revive this question - There is now another user who wants to access another machine 'behind' a router, probably connect to port 9442 - how will I know which computer to send the port 9442 traffic' to if that user's ip address is (Private Network)?
I have that user's router ip address and can I set port 9442 on the router to be 'mapped' to IP address

I google searched for set port forwarding and all i did was get the user's default gateway address and entered it in the web browser's address bar, which had all the router's info there.  I did ping -r 1 and tracert on the  router ip.  non of the  sites i visit tell me how to set port forwarding so a little advice would be appreciated.
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