multiple gateway

Dear Sir,

I have 3 internet gateway in my LAN.  When I put these 3 IP address of internet gateway in the Windows XP,
i can only connect the first gateway mentioned in the tcp/ip properties.  If the first Gateway fails it wont takes the second gateway?

Please help
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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi liji77,

thats correct it should takeover as long as the gateways are in the same range, otherwise you need to have routes enable access to the other IP range..
Hmm while im grateful for the points, why did you grade me with a C?
liji77Author Commented:
Dear Jay_Jay,

The grade C, because the question is not much diffcult and the point I have given to you because of its urgency.
I know that Jay_Jay70 is very expert. Thanks for your answer and God may bless you.
fair call man, i was just wondering

take it easy my friend, I'm no more expert than anyone else :)
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