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No DNS servers configured for local system

Trying to connect a Windows XP machine to Windows Server 2003 network domain, and get the message in the title.  some of the error details includes "An error occurred when DNS was queried for the service location (SRV) resource record used to locate a domain controller for domain ........

1 Solution
Try adding your server to the local host file

C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc     rhino         #PRE #DOM:networking  #net group's DC

make sure you have a connection by using ping at the command prompt.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Assuming you have completed the server installation, installed Active Directory, and joined the workstations to the Domain, make sure DNS is configured as follows, assuming a single network adapter:
-The server's NIC should be configured with a static IP, the Internet router as the gateway, and only the server itself as the DNS server. Do not use an ISP DNS server here
-Each workstation should be configured using DHCP (obtain and IP address and DNS automatically) or if configured with static addresses; a static IP in the same subnet as the server, same subnet mask as the server, the gateway pointing to your Internet router, and the DNS server pointing ONLY to the server/domain controller. Again do not put an ISP's DNS server here
-In the DNS management console under Administrative tools, right click on the server name and choose properties. On the Forwarders tab add your ISP's DNS servers
-If the workstations are using DHCP, open the DHCP management console on the server under Administrative tools and click on the server name to expand it, click on the scope to expand it, right click on scope options and choose configure options. On the general tab add the Internet router's IP in #003 router and the server's IP in #006 DNS Servers
-If using DHCP it should be enabled on the server and disable on any routers. Enabling DHCP on the server allows for dynamic updates to DNS

If you have the ISP's DNS's anywhere in the NIC's, the workstations will often go to the Internet to try to resolve names and cause them to "hang" or possibly not be able to resolve at all.
Also where you have been having problems, on the workstations that have been having problems you should clear the DNS cache by entering at a command line  IPConfig  /flushdns   after making any changes to your DNS configuration
I read that you are trying to join the domain, but your XP client can't resolve the domain name you specified.

Make sure that
-DNS is working on your domain controller
-you can ping your domain controller from your XP client
-use the IP of the domain controller as the DNS server address on your XP client

I get really MAD when articles like this are NOT RESPONDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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