Mail Forwarding not working.

Hi all,

I've got exchange 2003.  I have a collague who would like all his mails to be forwarded to anotrher address.  According instrucxtions form the internet I have cretaed a contact put the external email address on it.  Then I went to properties of the user and clicked on delivery options to forward the mails to.  

All tesings have failed.  I do not get a failed email saying that wasn't able to send it.  Its not on the queus.  And it does not mention it sending to the external email address on the logs (message tracking Center)

Please help


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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you set the forward on the user account, did you set it as a store and forward, or simple forward?

Sounds like you've not told the server it can forward.

Go to Exchange system manager, Global setting and select internet message formats,

right click default in the right hand window and choose properties. Then select the advanced tab.

Tick the box "allow automatic forward"

That should fix it.

With my expert hat on...

You don't have to enable forwarding to use a contact to forward email. If you have made the change above, then you will probably want to undo it, as it isn't required and now all of your users can forward email from their Outlook client - which will probably cause an email loop and bring down your server.

When you created the contact, did you set the email as type SMTP?
Did you create the contact on the Exchange server, so that it has the Exchange tabs? If so, when you click on the Exchange General tab, do you see an address of type SMTP?

mbavisiAuthor Commented:
yes the email type is SMTP.  the contact has been created on exchange server.  and it has been created as type SMTP.
mbavisiAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon,

Its working fine,  I've noticed that it does forward to hotmail accounts for somr reason.


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