Exchange 2003 non-domain member cache mode with http over RPC.


I’m trying to set up a remote user to connect a Microsoft exchange 2003 mailbox. The user’s laptop is not a member of the domain.

In a test environment when I set the email profile and specify the exchange server it cannot be resolved.  When I go into more settings and connection tab. I then setup the exchange proxy settings correctly (as per our standard settings) there is an error.

There is an error when you launch Outlook:

“The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable”

Click Ok and then I get;

“Unable to open your default e-mail folders the information store could not be opened.”

Any ideas
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CetusMODConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Presuming that the feature works inside, then it is just a matter of doing it in the right order for an external client.
I have the process outlined on my web site:

nickymoAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon,

I got around it by setting up a vpn connection JUST to set the profile up and when mail was flowing revoke vpn rights.
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