Avast and script detection

I am interesting about Avast Home Edition but I have read that version 4.7 have no script detection.

If my affirmation is true, does anybody know a good "free" script detection program ? The program Microsoft Windows Defender it is a script detection program ?

Thank you
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You may want to look at SpyCatcher Express.   I've found it to be a very good alternative to Windows Defender, and it won't expire at the end of 2006.   Though it doesn't specifically mention scripts, I'm fairly sure they're covered by its "DeepDefense" technology.

"DeepDefense™ removes aggressive spyware without damaging the machine, prevents the installation of rootkits, intercepts all API calls and blocks reinstallation of aggressive spyware. DeepDefense is embedded in the operating system and delivers the best protection from sophisticated new threats."

You can look at their page for more details.

I've been reading reports and searching pros and cons between these Avast and AVG for when my paid one expires.
AVG has script detection, but Avast using the Kaspersky "engine" would be better in "detection" than AVG.
When my paid antivirus expires which will be in a few days I'm going to try Avast, unless I find something else better and free.

If you want AVG here's the download link:
scharron2006Author Commented:
I have try Avast and it's very easy to use, have a great detection rate but have no script detection. But this problem can be solve if I install the Microsoft Windows Defender. But personnaly, I do trust the Microsoft security product. So, I search for another good and free script detection program.  

AVG seem to be a good alternative to Avast but I cannot see if this program it's certified by the ICSA Labs and by the Virus Bulletin (April 2006).
AVG is certified by ICSA:


Virus Bulletin demands a $99.00 subscription to view their test history, but numerous positive references exist, e.g:


"With no false positives, AVG is worthy of a VB 100%"

I hope this helps you to make a decision.
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