Outlook 2003 "one or more parameter values are not valid"

This article did not help:


But here is my problem:

I'm using unix-based email through an IMAP connection.  I have only the one account attached, so therefore I have two PST's:  one being the "Personal Folders" PST and the other being the PST for the IMAP email account.  BOTH are configured to be stored in my home directory, because we need to have users roaming in this configuration, and I need to test it out completely.

I have my contacts stored in the Personal Folders PST (which is only 1MB, so no lectures on PST size or how they should not be accessed over the network, please).  I have the Contacts accessible as an Outlook Address BOok and first in line for "autocompletion", second in line is an LDAP server connection.  Whenever I type someone's last name it resolves the name to an email address through the OAB, I get the following error when trying to send them a message:

Task 'IMAP Account Name - Sending' reported error (0x80070057) :'Could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid.'

Here's the interesting part though:  When I am in Contacts and I right click and "send new message to contact", it WORKS.

I noticed something weird that may help to troubleshoot this:

Say I have a contact named John Doe who's email address is doe@domain.edu.  I have him entered in my OAB as <b>John Doe</b> as "Full Name", <b>Doe, John</b> as "File as", <b>doe@domain.edu</b> as email address, and <b>John Doe (doe@domain.edu)</b> as "Display as".

If I type in "Doe" in the "To" line and the OAB resolves it to his email address, it will show as being emailed to <b>John Doe (doe@domain.edu)</b>.  This is when it errors out.

However, if I do the right click in the contacts and send him an email that way, it shows as being sent to <b>John Doe <doe@domain.edu></b> and then it works!

I tried to change the way it's displayed as, but I knew it wasn't that easy since that didn't work either.  Does anyone have ANY ideas?  Please let me know, thanks in advance!!

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upul007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok. Try a little verification. Imitate sending a message where you know that it will not go. Then once its in the sent item's, open the message and double click the to address and compare against the actual address. Are they the same?
Your last comment indicates that there is an address entry corruption somewhere. Can you update all DL's and try again?
dpsitAuthor Commented:
oops, sorry about those HTML tags... haha.  just pretend that those parts are bold!
sound like you may have a mistyped address in outlooks auto complete address list. Tell me, does the addresses show up when you enter a part of the name in to? if it does highlight (all instances of the address individually) and press delete.

Also do this. search and remove all instances of the same address - doe@domain.edu. Then type doe in the TO of a new message. It should not autocomplete the address. If it does, delete the suggested address and retry.

See if you can type the email address manually and send. You will be able to send out. Then add the contact again in to outlook.
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dpsitAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response, but no, that's not it.  I did remove all autocomplete entries prior to tabbing out just to make sure it was looking it up again in the OAB.

I misused "autocomplete" a couple times in my problem description.  What I was referring to was how Outlook has the capability to automatically look up a name in a defined set of address books or LDAP servers.  I have Outlook set to search in the OAB first, and that's where my problem lies.
dpsitAuthor Commented:
Okay, update:

In the same PST, if I clear the email address and re-add THE EXACT SAME EMAIL ADDRESS, it works!  Nothing seemed to change (Display name and email address were obviously the same as before).  I thought this was odd, so I went to a different contact, opened it, and right clicked the email address and tried to go to "properties"  I got the following error message:

"The name or distribution list has been deleted, and is no longer a valid Address Book entry.  The item could not be found."

This is weird.  When the PST was created, it was created by a user using an exchange account and manually typing in all of the addresses and names, and then exported.  I don't know that much about the way contacts in Outlook work, but something's not quite right here.  If I import the contacts into my own contacts, it works.  But, if I just connect to the PST, it doesn't.

I even tried importing them into my contacts, then re-exporting them into a separate PST.  That also caused the same problems.!
dpsitAuthor Commented:
I actually figured it out... exchange properties did somehow transfer with the PST, so I had someone retype the email addresses in using a non-exchange account and now it works fine.

I'll give you the points though, since you were the only one that responded.

Glad you got it to work and thanks for the points.
Since I'm seeing that the origianl question poster uses Unix then would it be possible to please clarify what I should do to try and resolve this in a 100% Microsoft Exchange / Outlook environment?
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