Mail set-up and issues

hi all,

surely this question must have been asked before...

i need some help please..

i am not allowed access to external emails from company.

but of-course in certain scenario, we need to have access due to numerous reasons..

i want to know :

1). would it be possible to access my home computer from my work place (like doing a VNC), so that i can use my home computer to access my personal emails. I am trying setting up remote desktop but it is not working for me. Can you help me set it up.

I think there are couple of problems I am facing, but currently ....

the ip address that my computer is getting at my home is not pingable at all from my office computer, not sure why... any ideas?

I use cable modem and i don't have a static address but i don't care about it right now.. if ipaddress change, i will change from my vnc session as well...

2). is there somehow that i can purchase domain just for email access from some external company, can you recommend some -- i just need email access, not really looking for building any website etc.. so looking for something cheap..

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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

Yes you can buy the email service from the ISP , they give you the IP address and MX records .
but you have ti just install a mail server in your pc and configure that mail server as the ISP ip addresss.
you don't have access to yahoo email, gmail, and the likes? If you had a static ip, you could use vnc.
shivaniAuthor Commented:
no i don't have access to yahoo gmail etc..

i don't have a static ip address, but i don't care about that right now..

i can check the ip address at my home (i have somebody at home who can do that for me) and then i can use that ip address to do whatever i want..

but problem is..

right now, i asked what is the ip address at my home computer and he gave it to me..
but i cannot ping it from my office..

if i do ping, it says:
no answer from <ip_addrss>

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have you ever beeb able to ping it? maybe your router doesn't respond to pings? Maybe you can't ping "out" from your work network? im assuming the ip address is a public ip, not a private ip correct?

many compagny does not accept the ping command. So, the ping command and the VNC and the terminal session are blocked by the compagny firewall like Microsoft ISA Server.

In other case, if you have a firewall on your home computer, your firewall can block the ping command. So if you have a firewall on your home computer, you must modify your settings to accept the ping command.

Also, if you want to access your external email, try by POP3/SMTP. Use your POP3 provider and your compagny STMP.  
shivaniAuthor Commented:

I have never been able to ping these ip addrss from office..

well, i have a router correct.. but well, i have 2 computers connected to my router (through wireless). so let me try to ping one computer to another --  if ping is not allowed on router .. it should not work either correct?

well, i think you are correct .. saying >>Maybe you can't ping "out" from your work network

well, ok, probably this is the case.. since i am not able to ping as well...

but i should still somehow able to do remotedesktop or not?? or is it not possible??

>>im assuming the ip address is a public ip, not a private ip correct?

this is a piblic ipaddress ----
i got it by going to the website  -- so it shows public ip address correct?


probably you are right:  ping command is not allowed.. is it still possible to get access to remote desktop...

i have win xp at home..

hmm.. and you suggest i can access external email by POP3/SMTP... well, i have a cable service.. not sure what POP3 means.. should I just ask them if this is a POP3 email or not?

sorry, i am new to this thing.. is it something i have to subscribe .. how can i configure this.. please help
"so let me try to ping one computer to another --  if ping is not allowed on router .. it should not work either correct? "

well, you may be able to ping pc to pc, but what you are trying to do is ping router from outside your home lan.

"but i should still somehow able to do remotedesktop or not?? or is it not possible??" well, i doubt you can rdp into a xp home edition. you would probably be best purchasing realvnc with encryption, but your work firewall may not even allow outbound connections anyways!

can't you just setup a "forward" from your personal email to your work email? Be aware though, that all work email is property of your work. You may get in trouble for reading personal email at work. Check your company manuals.

Your compagny have a security strategy. In many compagny, the security stategy does not accept the VNC or Remote Desktop Connection.

The first step is to ensure that VNC or remote Desktop connection is accepted by your firewall compagny. The network administrator will give you a specific port to connect your remote desktop connection.


For the POP3 settings, you must ask your provider. For SMTP, you must ask you network admistrator.
What the objective here?

There are tons of third party companies that offer web enabled e-mails such as msn, yahoo, google, etc. and companies that offer e-mail addresses such as 
Make a new business related e-mail account that you use for work related communications.
Or get the connection information from your ISP and setup Outlook Express on your work desktop to access the mailbox.

If your company does not allow you to access web e-mail. Chances are they are setup to not allow you any type or remote control to your home computer through their Firewall. You are also opening yourself up for trouble. How can you defend yourself if a manager accuses you of connecting to your home pc to surf questionable web site or download illegal software while on company time. I wouldn’t setup a connection from my work computer to my home computer.  
However its simple enough to do. Setup your home pc with your desired remote control software (VNC, RDP, pcAnywhere, etc). Enable the network ports on your computers firewall. Enable the ports on your router (or cable “modem”) and set them to forward to your computers ip address. Get the current internet IP address of your router and use that to connect from work.

PING will not work. Your router and/or XP computer is setup to not accept PINGS (or other ICMP traffic)
shivaniAuthor Commented:
well, network administrator is not going to tell me anything. so this is not a possibility.

is there a way that I can just buy some email service from ISP and use it..

can you tell me if there is a email providers like this..
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