How to prepopulate Office Communicator 2005 with a desired user group based on a custom policy


The scenario is like this:

I have few departments in my company and let's say, when an accountant is logging on using Communicator 2005, by default there is no contact in his list. Or an IT, or whatever member of a specific department. What I would like to do, if this is possible, is to pre-populate the contact list based on their group. When an accountant is logging on for the first time, all the other accountants in his department should be already present in the contact list so it will be easy to initiate a conversation or a conference without manually searching for them. The same with all the specific departments, an IT is logging on the first time, he should see already all the IT personnel listed in contact list.

We are using latest version of Live Comm Server+SP1, and Communicator 2005, in an XP+SP2 and Server 2003 environment.

Please let me know if there is a way to do this. And let me know if you need more info.


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bruintjeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi sblanken,

There is a nice post here dealing with a similar question, and has some pointers to the SDK and WMI to build a script to add your own group based on login but it needs a bit of digging in vb script and i'm not sure if you're a bit into that

hope this helps a bit
sblankenAuthor Commented:
works like a charm.
and it's really easy.
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