How can I discreetly disable my Linksys router or RCA modem from accessing the internet

I would like to know how to disable my router or modem from accessing the internet, until I'm ready to use it.
Reason: To keep my daughter out off the computer until I get home. Problem she's pretty smart I tried disconnecting the modem and the router that was to obvious.
Can I change the IP address or something that would not allow access and then change it back when I'm ready to use the computer.

What ever help you can provide will be appreciated
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ElrondCTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Presumably you want something that you can quickly turn on and off, not something that will take a lot of effort each time you want to switch.

First off, change the router password to something she won't know.

If you have a cable modem, change the Internet Connection Type from "Obtain an IP automatically" to "Static IP" and set the IP to When you want to restore the connection, change the Internet Connection Type back to "Obtain an IP automatically."

If you have DSL, delete the password, then break the connection (there may be a "Disconnect" button, or you may have to power cycle the DSL modem). To restore, put the password back in.

You might find it preferable to get a program that will put a lock on your computer's outbound access. NetNanny, CyberPatrol, even the ZoneAlarm Pro firewall (but not the ZoneAlarm free firewall) can password protect locking outgoing access (either a total lock, or with the first two programs, a time-based lock). Obviously that means spending a bit of extra money. But the convenience might be worth it.
At the end of the day, this has to be a situation where there are rules and consequences for breaking them, not a technological solution.

Unfortunately, if you get into a war of technology you will lose.  The little monsters (a) have more time to try and beat you and (b) whatever they don't know, one of their friends will.

Sadly, the only thing I can recommend is the "Trunk method".  Remove unit, place it in car trunk, drive off.

Seriously, that's what a friend of ours had to do to control her son.

b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:

Is router password protected and daughter does not know it?  How is your IP obtained from your ISP?

If it is protected and your IP is static or requires some authentication (e.g. PPPoE) then you could change the WAN IP address to, even remove the DNS settings and this would disable Internet access.  If your WAN IP is dynamic then you will have to use something else to "lock" the Internet.

If your daughter knew the correct settings or the password then she could "fix" this.

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Discreetly, unless your daughter is 18, she hsa not right to do what whe wants.  Do it openly. You are the parent.  You are in control.  

I like the trunk method.  Exactly which Linksys and RCA box do you have?  
Not sure what model router this is but the linksys router I had would allow you to specify a time frame that a user could not access the internet may want to look in to that?
Which Linksys do you have?  On mine, I can enter an address of (this is from memory and I have CRS)..... and talk DIRECTLY to the router.  A nice menu will come up.  

First set a password.  Admin tab, then management tab, set a password.

Now... security tab and then filter.  with this, you can prevent her from accessing the I'net but can access another computer for say a shared printer (HOMEWORK).  

Good luck.

Had a problem with my kids staying on too long and nt getting ready for bed, so I killed the connection to the outside world....
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