ColdFusion Studio 6

Do we have 'ColdFusion Studio 6'?  I have been using 'ColdFusion Studio 5', but not sure if we have 6.
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CF Studio finished at version 5 John. They derailed it in favour of Homesite + and now Dreamweaver is the main IDE available.

Try cfeclipse - I was sceptical at first, but its a pretty good match to CFStudio and has alot of the features. The only down side is the search functionality.
CF studio 5 still have update patch and now under adobe.
I also vote for cfeclipse.
JohnLucaniaAuthor Commented:
>> CF studio 5 still have update patch and now under adobe.

Do you know the web link to get into the 'ColdFusion Studio 5' site directly?
the update patch can be download from
there is no patch needed for 5.0 studio but avaliable for 5 Server and
4.51SP2 check the page.and see what you want

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