Enable VPN functionality on PIX 515E

Hey everyone.

I've had this PIX 515E for awhile here, and we are doing some Cisco IP Phone stuff.  Anyways, the consultant comes in and wiped out the router config (it had to be changed because we were locating to a diff building and diff ISP).

I can't VPN in to my network anymore with the Cisco client...

Is there a set of a few commands I can issue to resetup the VPN stuff?  I don't care if I have to do  a new group, new username and passwords, all that stuff, I just need to get it working again!

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nodiscoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi dougp23

Here is how to configure your PIX for VPN client access.  Note this example is for using AES 256 encryption - replace this with your own encryption as preferred.


hope this helps

dougp23Author Commented:
Hmm....looks good.  This line has me wondering, though:

!--- Configure the IP address on the interfaces.

ip address outside
ip address inside

My outside address can change, as Comcast provides it to me via DHCP.  What should I use there?  Or is it a case of make one up??

If ISP will give you IP address via DHCP, the command you need is:

ip address outside dhcp setroute

With this command, you no longer need to configure default gateway because the DHCP server will automatically pass it on (normally).
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