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I am running Exchange 2003EE on Server 2003EE over here. On a weekly basis I maintain about 10 mailboxes that usually grow upwards of 10gigs a week. I only leave 1 week worth of mail in the box at any given time. So when I do the Full backup (Mailboxes and IS) I see the size reflected in the size of the Mailbox backups yet the Information Store continues to grow. I purge all mail from the inbox, deleted items and from recover deleted items. Aside from an offline defrag is there something else I am missing?
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What is your deleted item retention period set to?
The items are only flushed by maintenance after a full backup... plus the store will never drop in size.

Use event ID 1221 to see how much white space is in the database.
Use the perfmon counters MSEXCHANGEIS Mailbox / Total Count of Recoverable Items and MS EXCHANGE IS Mailbox / Total Size of Recoverable Items to see what is in the database.

Are you defraging the store, or running mailbox maintenance on it.

Maintenance has to be run on the store this will then free space, you would then want to defrag to clean the space.

You can check this as well for IS maintenance:
First you need to confirm if the online maintenance is running correctly and getting completed. You must know that if online maintenance is not getting completed successfully than offline defrag will not help much to reduce the size. Because online maintenance marks the white space to be recovered by offline maintenance (defrag).

Few events that would help you to understand how your online maintenance working.

Event: 700 701 online maintenance starts and finish.

9531/35 represent deleted mailbox cleanup

Event: 1221 online maintenance result. This report the free space after online maintenance that could be recovered by offline defrag

Note event 1221 is very good indicator of how much you could space you could recover.

See online maintenance schedule and ensure that it gets completed

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