Alternate Email Viewer for Blackberry

I have a new BB 8700c, and the HTML web browser feature is great.  Is there any way to get full HTML support for incoming e-mails?  Are there any alternative products or add-ins for the BB that can support HTML mail natively?  It seems that more e-mail these days are using HTML and I wish the BlackBerry 8700 supported viewing the HTML email format.
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northcideConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure why anyone would want to view emails as html - but this could work for you i think:
rsochanAuthor Commented:
Here's a simple example why viewing emails as html is valuable, especially in the business world:  Someone a response to an e-mail with his/her comments in a different color.  With a rich text e-mail viewer that supports html, the color formatting is preserved.

Anyway, I considered the Reqwireless solution, but apparently Google recently bought the company and they have since stopped selling their products.  To quote from the Reqwireless website:

"Where can I purchase your applications?
Reqwireless WebViewer, EmailViewer, HotViewer, and GotMailViewer are no longer available for purchase."

Who knows what Google is planning; nonetheless, are there any other solutions out there?
I can see how that might be something for a wish list i suppose. i personally would rather just deal with no html - but to each his own i suppose :)

That was the only html viewing solution i've ever known.  I did a quick search on google and it doesnt look like anything else exists to accomplish this.
WibblyWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Reqwireless seems (seemed?) to be a separate email client anyway - so you'd have lost the whole push thing anyway! So far, the RIM email client doesn't do HTML and there is no work around as far as I know...
rsochanAuthor Commented:
A good examle would be this portion of an e-mail that is difficult to read because of all the HTML tags.  It's unfortunate that BlackBerry doesn't doesn't strip out these tags if the client isn't going to support the HTML anyway.  I am still hoping that there's a solution to this, but maybe it's just a wish list item...

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