Prevent Users from "MOVING" Folders

We have a lawfirm client that is having problems with users "accidentally" moving folders.  They are not sure who it is and asked if we can set permissions to deny the moves.  They still need read/write access, and the ability to create new folders.  Can this be controlled in AD or in the folder permissions?

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Well, hate to break it to you, but this is one of those very annoying things that unfortunately, cannot be fixed via NTFS permissions.

The reason is that when users have the ability to 'create folders', that also includes the ability to move folders. I have gone throught he same thing.

Here is what I did.

1.) I setup up auditing in AD to see who the culprits were. After sorting that out, I did the following:

2.) I tweaked their mouse settings to slow things down a bit (I was very nice and explained what was going on and the importance of fixing this...users respond much better if you are polite and friendly.)

3.) Most of the offenders were using Explorer with two panes. For whatever reasons, I had my users stop using this method.

This is one of those very annoying things that I hope Microsoft can come up with a fix for (maybe in the next NTFS, make a checkbox for the ability to deny moving for it.)

I may be wrong and if I am, somebody please correct me. But the relations between creating folders and moving folders are interwoven.

Hope that helps.

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