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Upload a Word Document onto a ColdFusion Server, retaining toolbars

I am running a site using ColdFusion MX 6.1 as the application server. Currently I use the ColdFusion tag cffile with action=upload to upload Microsoft Word Douments onto the server so that clients may download or open them. When a client using Internet Explorer currently opens such a word document, it opens without the same toolbars showing as when I open Word directly. Is there a way to specify which toolbars are present when the document is opened via the IE interface that the client sees? Thanks.
1 Solution

The toolbars are not part of the document.  They are part of the Word program.  When it opens in Internet Explorer it shows a limited word application depending on the user.

What you can do is have them save the file by righ-click and save then open directly in word.

Otherwise you may be able to use ActiveX, but if that even works (have not tried it, just brainstorming here) then they would need admin priveledges to install it on their machine.

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