Creating internal link within .PDF document via Word document

Creating internal links within a .PDF document from a Word document.

I have a document produced with Word 97, containing links within  the contents page of the document, to sections within the document, using Word's bookmark feature. (These links were created using Word's Create Hyperlink to a Named Location in the File feature)

I then use Word's print feature, selecting as the 'printer' PDF995 (Supplied by Software995), to convert the Word document to .PDF format.

This works fine, except that the links within the resulting .PDF document have disappeared. The links within the document's contents page show up as underlined words, but the .PDF hand toll does not change into a pointing finger tool as it should for an active link.

How do I make the links remain in place as active links within the .PDF document?
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Harisha M GConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Jeeva, you can't do that using PDF99

You will have to get Adobe PDF writer.

Here is a free program for PDF documents. Maybe this one will not loose the links
Harisha M GCommented:
Many free PDF writers available are printers. They get installed as printers and print the document to a PDF file instead of a paper. So, in no way they can retain the links.
JeevaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Harish, although I now understand that CutePDF Pro 3.2 will also retain the hyperlinks by using their Link Tool, but I haven't tried it - and as you inferred, it's not a free piece of software, although it is far cheaper than Adobe's.
I searched on the net for the software a tried loads of both free and commerical  word to PDF but nothing seems to maintain internal links at last  i found a software in esnips which does this job
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