can the names/email addresses of all those included on a meeting request be hidden?

I want to send a meeting request to 200+ persons, but I do not want the invitees to see the names/email addresses of everyone else invited.  Is this possible.
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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If the meeting request made by email, then you can put all the addresses in the BCC field. Then the addresses will be blind to each recipient.

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msiersemaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
war1 is right but there are some unwanted side effects.  Some ISPs look at many (they usually define it as 5) BCC email addresses as spam and the message will not be received by everyone.

If this is a frequent list that you use, go to you website support and find out if they support list servers or alias email lists.  You can then enter the list of email addresses into the system and the message gets sent to each person seperately.  You then send a message to the one email address and it appears as individual messages for each receipent.  For example if you set up a list of email addresses with an alias of  You can then send a message to and everyone gets the message.

Another solution is to use MS Word and create a Mail Merge data file.  You can then apply the same data file to each message you want to send out.  Then each person is sent an individual message.  No one knows anyone else on the message receipent list.

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