Linux Jet-directed printing slowness

I am running Linux FC5.  I have printers setup on the box using the Jet Direct queue type.  I create the printer queue on the box then map to it from the XP clients.  I map to it using \\server\queue-name.  Using this method, I can always print fine.  However on about half the workstations, there is a minute or two delay everytime you try to access the printer on the PC.  Just right-clicking on the printer to get a test page takes a long time.  However, on same workstations - same OS, memory, processor, etc. - access to the printer is instant.  Any ideas?

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Try installing the problematic workstations to print directly to the printer.  If you get similar results it will at least eliminate the linux queue being the cause.  Simple instructions on direct JetDirect based printing from XP to Printers here:

Try that and see if the perfoamnce problem is the same.  If so, it's likely a more serious problem so post the results here.
could be a name resolution issue. try connecting by ip address to see if it goes faster:


shannon_adamsAuthor Commented:
I tried \\your.server.ip.address\queue-name and it is still slow.  When I right-click to go to into properties, it takes minutes to respond.
shannon_adamsAuthor Commented:
I forgot that mention that, but if I bypass the server queue and just use a straight hard-coded ip of the printer, it works fine.  There are never any slow downs.  It only happens when I use \\ or .address\queue-name.
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