Computer : IBM APTIVA, Machine type : 2139 Medel# E6C
                 Pentium II 400 MHZ MMX
Motherboar : Acer V66XA, Front side bus : 100 MHZ
Bios version : V66EN2M  Bios date : 10/12/98
Case : ATX Minitower
Power supply : 145 Watts
Memory : PC-100 SDRAM DIMM  
               384 MB
I like to update this computer.  Please suggest best possible motherboard and CPU.
I like to replace both mothereboard and CPU.
Final Goal : I like to connect this computer with another computer by using Linksys wireless adapter.  Another computer has win XP 64 bits operating system, AMD Opteron CPU, and Linksys Router.
   I also like to know is it necessary that both system need same kind of cpu and operating system ?

Thank You,
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Have you read the suggestions posted and do you have any questions?  Mine was quite detailed with regard to price and the vendor to get them from.  The "best" solution is highly dependent on things like whether your goal requires nothing more than connecting to another computer or if you want to do more than that.  It also depends on how much money you want to spend.
Your main problem is going to be the weak power supply and the old PC100 RAM - that limits your choices, but if you are willing to replace both, you can have a fairly decent system.  For example,

Budget motherboard, cpu, and RAM
Albatron K8NF4X-754 nForce4 $67
Sempron 64 2600+ Palermo $68
Kingston 512MB PC3200  $42
Thermaltake Purepower 420W $39

Both systems don't need to have the same OS to communicate, but it can help somewhat.
you can buy mobo/cpu combos cheaper
www.pricewatch.com (look under "Motherboard/CPU Combos" or "Mother Combos w/Memory") select the processor your interested in & it will list all seller's available for that combo
shilpaamitAuthor Commented:
Dear Sir/Madam,
                         I like to replace CPU, PSU and memory on my system.  Would you suggest the best possible replacement for my system.  I've included system detail on my previous question.

Thank you,

hey shil, what's your status?
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