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Backup Scheme For Powervault 124T Autoloader

I have just purchased a 124T autoloader.  I've never used one of these and have a few questions.  There's not much documentation with it and I need to understand how to create a backup scheme with offsite storage.

I have 5 servers:  ISA Firewall, Exchange 2003, Win 2003 file/print server, SQL 2000 server and another 2003 server which has 1TB drive space that I want to use as a backup server.  The autoloader is attached to the backup server.  Due to cost constraints, we purchased the autoloader with only one copy of Yosemite backup and no extra agents.  Yosemite is installed to the backup server.  I want to be able to backup each server to the 'backupserver' and then archive all data backups to the autoloader using the Yosemite software.  We didn't buy agents for each server since it would have more than doubled the cost.  I've toyed around with using NTBackup from each server to store a full and daily differentials of each server onto the backupserver, which works well, however, my dilemma is that I want to have a rotation scheme for the autoloader and I want to store all the full and differential backups on tape with a 1 week window remaining on the backup server.  Is this a good idea?  If not, can anyone give me a good recommendation on the best way to secure my data with the tools that I currently have?

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hi, there

I have a few arguments for the Yosemite software, first of all it came with the autoloader and was for free the support is very limited. You will need the agents to make a proper backup on the different servers.

I will recommend you Veritas as the cheapest solution and a much better report tool. You also get the remote agents + the SQL agent + Exchange agent and that is what you basically need to back the open file system.

You can parttioning the media into different media pool

I would go with an initial setup of the media like this
Weekly full backup tape slot 1
Weekly full backup tape slot 2
Weekly full backup tape slot 3
Weekly full backup tape slot 4 total backup max capacity 800GB LTO 3

Weekly incremental tape slot 5
Weekly incremental tape slot 6
Weekly incremental tape slot 7
Weekly incremental tape slot 8 total backup max capacity 800GB LTO 3

Monthly Full backup tape slot 9
Monthly Full backup tape slot 10
Monthly Full backup tape slot 11
Monthly Full backup tape slot 12 total backup max capacity 800GB LTO 3

Cleaning tape slot 16

That still leaves you room for 800GB growing backup........
In this scenario you would not need to change tapes before 1 month....Assuming the backup id not larger than 800GB..

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