Email to particular domain stuck in

Everytime I send mail to a particular domain, its just getting stuck in the  its not flagged or tagged, there is nothing recorded in the log.nsf file, no attempt is made that I can see anywhere to send it.  It does not get "bounced back" and no errors are returned to the sender, or any undeliverable message generated (except after 24 hours).  It just sits in the and does nothing.  Yet other outgoing emails are sent no soon as they are created and sent, they vanish from queue within seconds.  

once an email is sent to this domain, it gets stuck in and then after 24 hours have passed, this is what is returned to the user
Delivery Failure Report
Your document:      Re: KLaraid
was not delivered to:      <>
because:      Delivery time expired

What can I do to diagnose why email to a particular domain sits in  
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I would first verify that the email address and sender is legit by going to and doing an email test on that email address. If it is legit then send a test message from your mail account and trace the entire route. It could be the senders contact info for that email addresss could have some type of corruption if you're able to send it to the email address without any problems.
bctekAuthor Commented:
its fully legit.  i tried to trace, but it doesn't go past, so i'm not sure what to do next
Have you stopped the router task and smtp task and restart them to see what error the email is gettng when it trys to resend the email to the internet. You should see an error message go through the domino console why the email is not being sent out. It could also be related to your DNS records or that domain's dns records. Hopefully this helps.

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It could be that your SMTP server at your ISP does not accept mail to that DOmain or that it is on a Blacklist.

Also check your DOmain and SMTP docs to make sure that there are no exceptons for this mail Domain.

What version of Server ?

Is this something new, or has it always done this?

I hope this helps !
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Did you try to send a mail from the Internet (e.g. hotmail) to that address?
bctekAuthor Commented:
while i dont understand what happened, for some reason it is working.
i did the follwowing per twisted suggestion:
with 1 email to this domain stuck in, I issued the commands
tell router quit
tell smtp quit
load smtp
load router

when the router came back up, the email was still stuck.  no messages or errors displayed, it just sat in the box.
30 minutes later i repeated the exact same process and it went out. i have no idea why, but i need to give credit and twisted's suggestions are the closest match to what I did, even though I have no idea why it started working.

thanks for everyone who helped me
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