Client Machine Application Installation

When installing applications/updates on a client machine, how do I ensure that the application will be available/installed for all users on that machine including future users who may not be created yet?

Do I need to install apps while logged in under the Administrator account?

Should I disable installation rights for all users except the Administrator on the local machine?

Can Exchange be used to configure a client machine for all apps in the same way that it configures outlook?
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SBS is all about wizards,  you don't have to worry about the details.  

SBS domain users have local administrative rights,  if the installation is done formaly through the wizards Add A User,Set Up Client Computers and http://servername/connectcomputer.  

There is also a Setup Client Applications wizard to configure a client machine.
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Many applications can be added via the Setup Client Applications wizard found in the Server Management Console's Client Computers section.  If the software provides an .msi file to install it will be done automatically.  If it just provides a setup.exe file then a shortcut will be placed on the user's desktop to complete the installation.  

Exchange has nothing to do with configuring any kind of program, including Outlook.  Outlook's configuration is handled by the SBS's unique functionality.  Whether or not you can preconfigure other software depends entirely on the software itself.

Whenever you create a new user that will be assigned to a particular workstation.  You should add that person to the Local Administrators group if they will be using the workstation as their primary computer -- this also allows them to access the machine through Remote Web Workplace.

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