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linksys WGKPC354G to connect to cisco 2841 as dsl modem / bridge

I have a linksys WGKPC354G and a cisco 2841.
the cisco is connected to the inside network and does NAT etc.
I have a DSL line that authenticates using PPPoA with a username and pass

how can I use the linksys as a modem / bridge only so that my cisco router would receive the public ip address through the bridge and connect to the internet?
I do not want to do nat over the linksys and don't want to use it as a router at all.

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Can you post output for show version from your cisco router so we can verify the version/model number.

If the router supports PPPoA, then you can directly connect it to the DSL Modem.

Else, in your linksys router, you can make the Cisco as DMS host and forward all ports to it. Should work like if it has received the public IP address. As far as I know, you can not make the Linksys router work as a Modem/Bridge.
eggster34Author Commented:
here's my sh ver

Cisco IOS Software, 1841 Software (C1841-ADVSECURITYK9-M), Version 12.4(3a), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)
Technical Support: http://www.cisco.com/techsupport
Copyright (c) 1986-2005 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Thu 29-Sep-05 19:12 by hqluong

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.3(8r)T8, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

london uptime is 15 hours, 56 minutes
System returned to ROM by reload at 17:26:04 UTC Mon May 8 2006
System image file is "flash:c1841-advsecurityk9-mz.124-3a.bin"

This product contains cryptographic features and is subject to United
States and local country laws governing import, export, transfer and
use. Delivery of Cisco cryptographic products does not imply
third-party authority to import, export, distribute or use encryption.
Importers, exporters, distributors and users are responsible for
compliance with U.S. and local country laws. By using this product you
agree to comply with applicable laws and regulations. If you are unable
to comply with U.S. and local laws, return this product immediately.

A summary of U.S. laws governing Cisco cryptographic products may be found at:
If you require further assistance please contact us by sending email to
Cisco 1841 (revision 5.0) with 234496K/27648K bytes of memory.
Processor board ID FCZ09462082
2 FastEthernet interfaces
1 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Module
DRAM configuration is 64 bits wide with parity disabled.
191K bytes of NVRAM.
62720K bytes of ATA CompactFlash (Read/Write)

Configuration register is 0x2102
The router you have shown does not have a ADSL WIC, you can either purchase and install it on the Cisco router and you will be able to connect it directly with DSL Line, or you will need to setup DMZ host as the router to forward all ports from Linksys to Cisco 1841
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